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Are limited edition cars worth paying extra for?

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Which limited edition cars offer the extra kit and design elements worth paying for?

Car manufacturers love a limited edition. The buyer does have to pay a little extra but quite often the additional goodies included add up to more than you would pay if you were to order them through the options list for a standard model. A special edition often also comes with unique paint colours, wheel designs or upholstery and trim, for example. While there are some limited edition models which cost a lot more than the standard car with not a lot of extra kit for it, others are a bargain or particularly interesting in their own right.

Limited edition cars worth paying for

Mazda MX-5 Conran Edition

In 1999 Mazda co-opted Jasper Conran, the British designer, to create two special edition roadsters. The base model was the 1.8i S and the Conran Edition package included a black colourway for the paintwork, leather hood, interior upholstery and carpet, or a combination of platinum silver and red. The limited edition models also came with an aluminium and leather steering wheel, a Sony CD player and - a blast from the past - a Minidisc multichanger. 400 black and 100 silver models were made and each was numbered. You can find one on the used market now for a little over £2,000.

Volkswagen Beetle Fender

Iconic people's car meets iconic guitar in this 2013 special edition. The Beetle Fender comes with the standard 2.0 litre diesel engine and a six speed manual or dual clutch automatic transmission. The Fender input came in the form of a classic guitar-inspired interior, pearlescent black paintwork and a powerful 400W stereo system including a subwoofer in the boot. These are quite hard to find so you're looking at upwards of £12,000.

Fiat 500C by Gucci

As if the Fiat 500 were not fashionable enough already, in 2012 Fiat teamed up with fellow Italian fashion behemoth Gucci. The stylish convertible comes with a glittery black or white paint job and special chrome trim elements. The cabin has also been blinged up with lots of leather and satin upholstery and a velvet covered radio panel. There's plenty of equipment on the list too such as rear parking sensors, a leather steering wheel and climate control. You can find a Fiat 500C by Gucci on the used market for under £7,000.

Peugeot 206 Quiksilver

Surfing specialist Quiksilver has a long standing relationship with French car maker Peugeot and has contributed to special editions of the 106, 307 and the 806. The Peugeot 206 Quiksilver ran from 2001-2006 so is relatively common on the used market and took the form of the junior model of the 206's sports variants. A silver colourway is one obvious distinguishing characteristic, with colour coded door handles and bumpers. The cabin is given a sporty touch too with a leather gear knob and steering wheel; Quicksilver logos on the boot tray, seat trim and floor mats; and smart silver instrument dials. Prices for the 206 Quiksilver start at £440 on the used market.

Mini Paul Smith Limited Edition

Car makers often get together with fashion designers for their special editions. The Mini has been around long enough to have been produced as a number of specials, but the Paul Smith model is quintessentially British. 1,500 units were built, based upon the 1.3 litre petrol powered Mini Sprite, only 300 of which were sold in Britain. The cars wore blue paint and a gold bonnet badge proclaiming the Paul Smith connection, unique grey alloys and plenty of chrome trim. In the cabin there is black leather upholstery, a zingy green glovebox and boot liner, while you also get a Paul Smith tool bag and denim jacket into the bargain. You're looking at upwards of £8,000 and you'll be lucky if you get the jacket and tool bag as part of that!

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