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Another Toyota Recall

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More than 5,000 Toyota's in the UK are being recalled after the discovery of a potential power steering problem. The fault applies to 5,409 UK Yaris and Verso-S models, which were built from November 2010 – March 2012. Internationally, the same problem means a recall of 174,000 vehicles.

Owners of affected vehicles may notice their steering grow heavy. The fault is particularly noticeable at low speeds and may cause an illuminated advisory on the instrument panel and a warning beep. Four incidences have been recorded in the UK but Toyota owners are being reassured that no accidents or injuries have been reported as a result.

Toyota is keen to stress its zero tolerance approach to these sorts of quality control issues and will be contacting owners of affected vehicles over the next few weeks to arrange remedial work. Cars will be repaired free of charge at the nearest Toyota dealer and work should take an hour or two to complete.

Concerned owners can also visit the Toyota website, to check if their vehicle came from the faulty batch, by entering its registration number in the recall checker feature.

Toyota has been involved in a number of recall incidents already this year. Last month a potential braking problem resulted in the recall of third generation Prius models, while earlier this year the company was part of a huge worldwide recall episode, also involving Honda, Nissan and Mazda, due to defective airbags.

All the major auto manufacturers have been involved in recall incidents at one time or another and while this can be very worrying for car owners, recalls are usually a precautionary measure. Very few accidents or injuries are caused by defective vehicles and manufacturers are quick to take action at the slightest suspicion of any problems.

However owners should always comply with recall notices, not only for safety reasons but also to maintain residual values. Cars affected by recall notices that haven't undergone the required remedial work can lose value when it comes to resale.

Recalls are managed by VOSA (the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency), which works with manufacturers to obtain ownership details from the DVLA, so that affected vehicles can be tracked down. If you think you may have a car affected by a recall notice but haven't been contacted, do not hesitate to contact your local dealer to confirm. Owners can also use the VOSA website's registration look up service.

Remedial work is done free of charge by franchised dealers only.

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