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An extreme sport motoring holiday

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Auto fans with an overload of adrenaline and £200,000 to spare can now choose a holiday fitting all their criteria, with a two day adventure holiday that involves driving the most hazardous roads in the world...

That hefty price tag includes a roster of cars to choose from, including a Bugatti Veyron Supersport, a Nissan Skyline or a more pedestrian Toyota Corolla - all with dual controls for safety's sake. The trip starts with private flights to one of 22 destinations, where the adventurous holidaymaker will be housed in luxury accommodation. The first day of the holiday will be spent with an instructor, examining the track and doing a bit of training. The next day is spent at the wheel, taking on the chosen course, alongside an instructor. Apparently, dangerous driving will not be tolerated and conditions will be controlled at all times.

The 22 locations available are rated by 'fear factor,' allotted according to altitude, local driving habits, safety precautions or lack thereof, yearly road death count and weather conditions. Top of the list is Bolivia's North Yungas 'Road of Death,' allegedly one of South America's most dangerous tracks. Winding through the mountains, the 40 miles of road is narrower than a supermodel's hips and bordered by sheer drops of up to 1,000 metres. Drivers will also need to negotiate groups of cyclists and kamikaze buses. The second best location in terms of 'fear factor' is the romantic sounding Fairy Meadows Road in Pakistan - high altitude, narrow and unstable of surface.

Less exotic but qualifying on the 'fear factor' scale is the A726 in Scotland, previously the A74. Its seven kilometres of busy dual carriageway have racked up plenty of head on collisions and 40 deaths from 2000-2005 alone.

Other popular choices include the Rodovia da Morte or 'highway of death' in Brazil - famous for its bandits and violent gangs or the sheer drops and hairpin bends of the Trollstigen in Norway, which translates to 'troll ladder'.

The rather strange gift idea is available from website buyagift.com after Driving Experiences in Hertfordshire came up with a map featuring the 22 most dangerous roads to drive in the world. The content of each trip is bespoke, so there is some flexibility on pricing, but quite how insurance will be arranged is anyone's guess.

While a number of enquiries have been made, the firm hasn't yet received any confirmed bookings, and has cautioned that those of a nervous disposition or suffering from a heart condition need not bother to apply. A passport and valid driving licence are necessary.

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