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American cars hold a strange fascination over the British car buying public. One of the best, the Ford Mustang, is being made available to the UK market in right hand drive format for the first time. Up until this point, any Mustangs on British soil have had to be specially imported. Unfortunately, the same still applies to a number of other US legends.

Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro is due for a refresh this year but it's very unlikely that Chevrolet will follow Ford's lead and release a right hand drive version for British fans.

Chevrolet Corvette

The same applies to Chevrolet's other classic muscle car, which was completely revamped last year but still mostly enjoyed by Brits playing Gran Turismo or watching 'Fast and Furious' films.

Dodge Dart

A very popular car in the US, the Dodge Dart compact saloon shares a platform with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, but that's about as European as it gets. Chrysler as a brand has been pretty much ignored by UK car buyers and our compact saloon market offers plenty of interesting competitors, so don't expect to see the Dart crossing the pond any time soon.

Plymouth Barracuda

Another retro favourite of 'Fast and Furious' fame, the Barracuda is more often seen on the posters of petrol-heads' walls than on UK roads.

Chevrolet Silverado

Like the muscle car segment, pick-ups simply don't have much of a place in the UK market - they are too big, too powerful and, of course, far too thirsty. The Silverado is a perfect example.

Lincoln Navigator

Along the same theme, the Navigator proves the stereotype that everything is bigger in the US.

Dodge Viper

The aggressively styled Viper is a demonstration of sheer brutal power and looks far more at home on dark desert highways than quaint British towns.

Scion XB

Another huge, boxy MPV that looks quite normal in America but would look completely out of place pulling up at British school gates.

Hyundai Azera

This is one car that might be really worth having. It’s an excellent medium sized luxury saloon - something Hyundai is known for in its domestic market and the US, but has never made it to UK.

Renault Sandero RS

A hot version of the Dacia Sandero, Americans not only get the more prestigious Renault badge but also a considerable amount of cut price driving entertainment. Fingers crossed, Renault will see the wisdom of releasing the hot hatch version of its Dacia Sandero in the UK.

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