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Alfa Romeo Stelvio shown in ‘accidental’ leak

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Alfa Stelvio

Was the official FCA video a planned sneak peek at the Stelvio SUV or a genuine mistake?

An undisguised version of the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio featured in an official video from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) but the clip was then removed, sparking rumours of an accidental leak.

The video showed an assembly line with a pre-production Stelvio all ready to go. It is unclear whether this was a deliberate leak designed to prompt excitement before the Alfa Romeo’s official reveal at the LA Auto Show in November or a genuine mistake.

It is thought that the Alfa Romeo shown is an entry-level Stelvio because of the small diameter wheels.

The leak came just a short time after a test car was seen being driven in northern Italy and the range's chassis test cars have been spotted with a chopped-up Fiat 500L body disguise.

Clues from the clip

The size of the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio was pretty much certain even before the video was leaked but it does confirm that the SUV looks set to be in the same category as the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLC Class and the Porsche Macan. Its roofline, however, will have a more wagon-type shape.

It is rumoured that the Stelvio is twinned with the Maserati Levante and the body shape is similar. The new Alfa Romeo is also said to share parts with medium-sized SUVs in the Jeep and Fiat ranges.

In this scenario, the Alfa Romeos will be the high-performance choice, the Fiats will combine on-road practicality with some off-road performance, and the Jeeps will appeal to off-road enthusiasts.

It is believed that the Alfa Romeo crossover is to share engine choices with the Guilia saloon. This means that there is likely to be the option of a 2.2 diesel and a 2.0-litre petrol unit, together with different tuning options.

There may also be a hot model on the cards, offering up to 503bhp thanks to a 3.0-litre, twin-turbocharged unit shared with the top-of-the-range Quadrifoglio. It is believed that this will be the most direct rival to Porsche’s performance SUVs.

Inside the Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The Stelvio shares the FCA modular underpinnings with the Giulia, meaning that its dashboard should be similar in appearance. This FCA platform is also likely to spawn a larger model to take on the BMW 5 Series. Two further ‘utility vehicles’ are also on the cards; one smaller than the Stelvio and one larger.

Ready for launch?

The Stelvio’s release date has yet to be confirmed but it is thought that it will be officially launched at the beginning of next year and sales will start in the UK towards the end of the autumn or in winter. The cheapest Stelvios are likely to provide competition to BMW by taking on the X3, whilst the more potent versions will rival the Porsche Macan. Prices are set to start at almost £40,000.

SUV plans for Alfa Romeo

Harald Wester, the CEO of Alfa Romeo, has talked previously of the importance of securing a place in the crossover market. He said that ‘a beautiful death’ could be on the cards for manufacturers who ignore crossovers.

The new Stelvio is one of a number of Alfa Romeo vehicles that have faced being delayed or pushed back in recent times, however. The original FCA plan was to have seven new Alfas on the market before 2018, following the Guilia.

In a presentation made to investors at the start of this year, however, FCA announced that the range will not now be completed until 2020.

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