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Alfa Romeo Shows Off The Giulia

By raccars Published

Alfa Romeo is revving up to join the big boys with its replacement for the 159, the stunning looking Giulia. The Mito and Giulietta have already reminded the disillusioned public of the Italian brand's ability to build the most beautiful cars with the most dynamic driving experience, a reputation that Alfa firmly intends to build upon.

The Giulia will be a mainstream rival to the BMW 3 Series, starting at a very affordable £22,000. Along with the exciting new 4C sports car and a sexy new Spider roadster, Alfa's product range refurbishment is part of a long term plan to regain a position of international primacy, particularly focusing on winning back a foothold in the US, previously a big market for the company.

The Giulia will follow the lead of the Mito and Giulietta, with a patrician face, LED lighting and sleek flanks. The line up will also include a high performance Cloverleaf variant. This seriously hot piece of auto porn will feature a racy bodykit, 19 inch alloys and the singular Quadrifoglio Verde badging on the side.

Auto industry speculation of a rear wheel drive format has been shelved until a future generation of the Giulia, which, in its initial form, will lengthen the Giulietta's platform in the same style as the predicted new Alfa SUVs. The standard saloon bodyshape will soon after be complemented by a Sportwagon estate.

The success of the Mito and Giulietta has swelled Alfa Romeo's sales figures to 130,000 units, growth of about 30% and Alfa is hoping that a Giulia supported by the US market, could expand that figure to 400,000 unit sales annually.

Engines for the Giulia will include the Fiat sourced MultiAirs, used in the Giulietta, a 1.4 litre unit in 118bhp or 168bhp guises, along with the Brera's 1750 Tbi unit with 200bhp. Diesels will be modern JTDm units ranging from 104-200bhp. The Cloverleaf will be armed with a Chrysler Pentastar 3.3 litre V6 petrol engine, using MultiAir technology to up the power output, while reducing CO2 emissions. The result should be about 300bhp, driven through two or four wheel drive transmissions and hot enough to sneak up upon the Audi S5.

Active Roll Control, Active Damping and dynamic driving modes, already used by the Mito and Giulietta, should allow the Giulia to achieve a spectacular driving experience, balancing comfort with agility and ride with handling like a top class Arab mare.

Alfa has a lot riding on the Giulia but so far it looks capable of taking the weight.

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