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Alfa offers MiTo with TwinAir

By raccars Published

If you’ve never heard of TwinAir then don’t despair; it’s just basically a clever, small engine which has been powering the FIAT-group’s small cars for the last few years. It’s a tiny, little two-cylinder engine which has been designed purely for fuel-economy and low-emissions.

And now, the cute Alfa Romeo MiTo has been given the TwinAir motor – which should appeal to those looking for a stylish hatch without the hefty fuel prices. The 0.9-litre, turbocharged pumps out just 85bhp and comes with a six-speed manual gearbox, but with 67.3mpg, you’re not going to care how slowly you’re going.

It’s a car for those who don’t speed and who enjoy counting their money while others fill up.

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