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A591 Is Most Enjoyable Road To Drive In England

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Car rental company, Avis, has conducted research showing that Britain's most enjoyable road to drive on is the A591, between Keswick and Kendal in the Lake District. The firm used the help of quantum physics to determine a formula for pleasurable driving and applied it to find the best driving roads in the world.

Warwick University's Dr Mark Hadley concluded that ten seconds travelling a straight for each second spent covering a bend, was the perfect ratio to ensure maximum driving pleasure, allowing motorists the perfect combination of acceleration, handling and braking. Dr Hadley identified four key driving phases - acceleration, bends, braking and cruising. He believes the perfect driving experience provides balance between these positions. The exhilaration of acceleration and speed combines with bends to test driving ability and long straights allow drivers to enjoy the surrounding environment.

The formula has been called the 'Avis Driving Ratio' (ADR), and according to its premises, the A591 on the 30 mile stretch between Keswick and Kendal offers the UK's best driving experience. The Cheddar Gorge B3515 road, from Ashwick to Cheddar, is Britain's second best driving road and Cheshire's A535, from Holmes Chapel to Alderley Edge, came third.

The formula was also applied worldwide, with British roads taking three spots in the top ten. Portugal's N-222 along 28 kilometres, from Pinhao to Peso de Regua, was named the most appealing driving experience overall by the standards of the ADR. The Douro Valley stretch received an 11:1 ADR rating. A perfect score would be 10:1.

The world's second best driving road is California's Highway One, from Castroville to Big Sur, scoring 8.5:1 and Britain's A591 scored 14:3, to take third place.

Unfortunately, the Avis formula did not take into account a very different driving experience during the summer months, when many of these routes are blocked or made tedious by heavy traffic, including caravans.

The same scientific formula identified more challenging roads too. Those looking for a more adventurous driving experience should head for the Amalfi Coast of Italy, where sharp bends resulted in an ADR of 1:1, or Japan's apparently poorly named Nihon Romantic Highway, with so many hairpin bends that its ADR was 2:1.

At the other end of the ADR scale, Florida's Overseas Highway is a long, straight road covering 127.5 miles through the Florida Keys islands. It's a very beautiful but relaxing drive, with a 1240:1 ADR.

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