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A Little Light Reading

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If chick lit and crime thrillers aren't your thing, there's plenty of automotive literature you can pack in your case to read on the beach during your summer holiday.

Haynes Advanced Driving - John Lyon

The author has a wealth of professional driving experience to share, which in this case, includes braking, clutch and gear techniques, overtaking skills and skid control. The book explains in detail how to accomplish a number of road manoeuvres in a professional manner, and does remind readers that some practical training is essential. Lyon's writing is rather dry but there's plenty of substance to make up for the lack of style.

The Complete Book of Porsche 911 - Randy Leffingwell

This is a glossily produced tribute to the world's favourite sports car, detailing its evolution over five decades in continuous production. There's masses of data to absorb on all models, including custom models and one off specials, and plenty of historical context. Even if you don't love the 911 - and who doesn't? - this is an interesting read for any car fan.

365 Sports Cars You Must Drive - John Lamm

A complete fantasy trip through every petrol head's dream cars, you'll certainly plan to buy a lottery ticket after reading this one. There's plenty of author enthusiasm here for not only the usual suspects but also some rare breeds. Eighty years of supercars are glossily photographed to leave you drooling onto your beach towel.

TV Cars - Giles Chapman

Examining 50 star cars from TV series, Chapman focuses on shows from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, some of which you may have temporarily forgotten, but all of which feature glorious metal in starring roles. Some modern classics from The Apprentice and Life on Mars are included but this is, essentially, an automotive nostalgia trip.

Preston Tucker & Others - Arvid Linde

Discovering the personalities behind the cars, Arvid Linde introduces the innovators who have brought us some of the world's most brilliant - and most awful - cars. The book also discusses the development of the motoring industry in Europe and the innovations which have changed the landscape of motoring since the early days.

Car Care Made Easy: The Ultimate Glovebox Companion

Modern cars are less receptive to a tap with a lump hammer than in days of old, and fortunately, are sophisticated enough not to need major surgery in between scheduled maintenance. However, some basic procedures should be performed on a regular basis and this book will guide you through such tasks as checking fluid levels and tyres, changing a wheel and jump starting.

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