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A Dog's Best Friend: 6 Cars Dogs Love!

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Along with the usual concerns about running costs, resale values, will it fit into the garage and do you like the colour, dog owners have some extra requirements to consider when buying a car. Which are the most practical vehicles for dog owners? When surveyed, nine out of ten dogs expressed a preference for travelling in the following...

Subaru Outback/Legacy

A popular choice with dog owners, the versatile Outback's main selling point is its capacious boot, while although it's not strictly an off roader, it's adventurous enough for those who like to get out and about in the great outdoors with their canine companions.

Volvo V70

The traditional dog carrier cornered the market years ago with dog owners who found its size and no-nonsense toughness and reliability more than capable of handling the spraying of slobber and dropping of fur that comes with carting around man's best friend. Since then, SUVs have soaked up a lot of those customers, but the smooth riding, easy access V70 is still an excellent option for dog owners.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

Fortunately, most dogs aren't particularly snobbish about their ride, as long as they can sit, stand and lay down in comfort. The Berlingo is far from glamorous but is extremely practical, with its high roofline, wipe clean surfaces, sliding side doors and completely flat loading bay.

Land Rover Defender 110

Emulate the Queen in the rugged Defender, often seen on Balmoral or Sandringham with her Majesty behind the wheel and a brace of Corgis in the back. The harsh riding agricultural workhorse may not be the most cosseting transport experience for your hairy mate, but will take it confidently over any terrain.

Mini Clubman

Not all dog owners feel the need to go outward bound with their mutt every weekend, nor are all dog owners in the position to buy a huge estate with the requisite cavernous boot, yet are still obliged to make occasional trips to the vet. Doggie people looking for a small car could consider the Mini Clubman - complete with the funky, retro styling of the hatchback, but with a bit of extra space for Fido in the back. It won't fit the bill if your furry family includes a couple of Dobermans, but should be comfortable enough for a Jack Russell or two.

Ferrari FF

Of all the plaudits heaped upon Ferraris, 'it's very practical' is rarely heard. However, if you love your dogs as much as your supercars, the four seater FF could, just about, chauffeur your four legged friend around in serious style.

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