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7 Used Cars With Great Mpg

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The received wisdom is that newer cars are more efficient and, therefore, buying new can save you money in the long run. While there is some truth to this, you can actually find plenty of used cars that, according to official figures, will return an impressively frugal 70mpg. While we all now know that official mileage statistics never match real world fuel consumption, you're still likely to find yourself making significant savings at the pump with one of these super efficient cars, all of which can be found for less than £7,000.

Mini Cooper D

This is a car with a lot going for it - apart from all the style and character that comes with the Mini badge, the diesel version boasts 74.3mpg. Careful scrutinisation of the small ads and some clever haggling should see you able to buy a used model in good condition for less than £7,000.

Renault Clio 1.5 DCI ECO

The second most economical Clio in the range, the 1.5 DCI ECO is far cheaper to buy than its even more frugal sibling. 78.5mpg is a very impressive figure for a second hand car, especially at under £7,000.

Ford Fiesta Econetic

The first generation Fiesta Econetics are now available for £7,000 and, with the Fiesta by far Britain's best selling car, there should be plenty of choice in the used market. You get 74.3mpg, class leading handling and great style. You should also be able to include plenty of equipment, such as air conditioning, for the price.

Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

The Golf has only been left behind Ford and Vauxhall in UK sales, thanks to its slightly higher price point. However, £7,000 could find you a 4.6 TDI MkVI capable of 74.3mpg. As a bonus, you'll also be exempt from VED thanks to CO2 emissions figures of 99g/km, not to mention VW's famous build quality.

Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI

The VW Group has used the Ecomotive designation for its Seat version of Volkswagen's Bluemotion and Skoda's Greenline. The result of this advanced technology is an amazing 80.7mpg from the surprisingly perky and wonderfully affordable Ibiza.

Skoda Fabia 1.2 TDI Greenline II

Another VW Group entry, this 83.1mpg Skoda hatchback is not only fabulously frugal but also benefits from all of VW's engineering wisdom, making it a canny bargain.

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDI OXYGO

Just slipping under the £7,000 threshold, sensible driving should see the Oxygo version of the 207 1.6 HDI get you 74.3mpg.

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