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7 Performance Cars For Those On A Budget

By raccars Published

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If your funds don't quite stretch to supercar territory but you still have visions of yourself as a bit of an Ayrton Senna, here are some of the most affordable performance cars available today.

Renaultsport Clio 200

The Renaultsport Clios have always been good value for money, and if you want to get to 62mph in less than seven seconds without needing to take out a second mortgage, the French hot hatch is an ideal place to start.

Peugeot 208 GTI

Having produced the leading hot hatch in the glory days of that class of car, Peugeot has since been beaten with a 205 GTI shaped stick for not having come up with anything as brilliant since. However, the French firm's latest hot hatch attempt is a good match for the Clio - it's affordable, great fun and had a good bit of pace to it.

Ford Fiesta ST

Probably Renault and Peugeot's greatest obstacle to modern hot hatch supremacy is the latest Fiesta ST. It's cheaper than both the Clio and the 208 GTI and boasts better handling too.

Mini Coupe Cooper S

Not a traditional fixture in these kind of lists, the sporty Mini Coupe Cooper S in its basic form is an interesting left field choice - however, it gets very expensive once options are added. If the two door sports car styling of the Coupe doesn't appeal, the traditional hatchback Cooper S has some funky performance on offer and is perennially fashionable.

Seat Ibiza Cupra, VW Polo GTI, Skoda Fabia vRS

The Iberian part of the badge engineered trio is better value than its Teutonic counterpart and arguably the best looking. The Czech model however is the best value of the lot and probably the most practical on an every day basis. All three share a turbo and supercharged 1.4 litre engine and a seven speed automatic gearbox with paddleshift.

Citroen DS3 1.6 THP

A breath of fresh air from a brand that a few years ago was in danger of stagnating, the DS3 is a thoroughly modern car with a lot of character, style and a wide range of engines. This model takes a reasonably swift 7.3 seconds to complete the 0-62mph sprint.

Abarth 500 Turismo

If you're bored with the usual suspects, this tuned version of the cute Fiat 500 has a very sporty feel and is attractive enough to turn a lot of heads.

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