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5 Frighteningly Good Cars for Halloween

By raccars Published

It’s Halloween and many will be nervously tucking up indoors tonight to avoid the ghouls and ghosts (and tricks and treats). Take your mind off imminent zombie takeover by searching for some ghoulishly good used cars instead – the only scare you’ll get here is how frighteningly fantastic they are…

Nissan LEAF (2011-on)

Prices from: £12,000

Why it’s frighteningly good: Britain’s first genuinely able mass-market electric car, the Nissan LEAF lets you creep up on people in silence and then spook them!

It’s a good car to drive that’s able to deal with young family life well. The 100-mile battery range is, as always, a factor, but the car is packed with high-tech apps to help you manage this. And with more than 50 cars listed on RAC Cars to choose from, there’s no shortage of choice – with prices staring from a bargain £12,000.

Audi RS 6 estate (2008-on)

Prices from: £26,000

Why it’s frighteningly good: Exceptionally high performance supercar wrapped within an estate car body – family motoring rarely raises the pulse in such a thrilling way.

It packs a 5.0-litre twin-turbo engine that’s similar to one found in a Lamborghini, and puts out an astonishing 580hp. This means it accelerates to 62mph from rest in just 4.6 seconds, with standard quattro four-wheel drive meaning you can use the power in all weather. But it also has a 1660-litre boot… a bewitching blend, alright!

Ford Fiesta (2008-on)

Prices from: £5000

Why it’s frighteningly good: The best all-round supermini on sale, the Fiesta really is a frighteningly good car to drive, with plenty to give you a buzz behind the wheel.

The level of superiority Ford’s best-selling Fiesta boasts over its supermini rivals is staggering – rarely is a mainstream car this able and satisfying. It’s been scaring the competition with its abilities for years – now, get yourself a secondhand treat, from £5000…

Rolls-Royce Ghost (2010-on)

Prices from: £140,000

Why it’s frighteningly good: The Rolls-Royce that challenges the Mercedes-Benz S-Class: smaller and more accessible than the Phantom, competitive secondhand prices mean it’s not just the name that will take you by surprise…

Yes, it’s called Ghost, but there’s nothing to be scared of with this Rolls-Royce – even the obvious frightener, its £200,000-plus brand-new list price, is quelled by the secondhand market. If you’re in the market for a new luxury car, a beautifully finished three-year old Ghost is highly recommended as an alternative.

Nissan GT-R (2010-on)

Prices from: £45,000

Why it’s frighteningly good: The gadget-laden GT-R is impossibly trick but, when you get behind the wheel, then boy, does it deliver a treat…

Stunning is the only way to described the performance of Nissan’s legendary high-performance car. RAC Cars drove the latest model last year and was shaking with excitement by the end of the drive. Forget horror films on Halloween to give you a thrill – drive a GT-R instead…

Five tips to avoid buying a Halloween horror

1: Make sure there are no skeletons in the cupboard

A recommended tip when buying any used car is to check its history carefully. Carrying out a vehicle registration check with RAC Car Data Check can, for a few pounds, reveal if the car’s been written off, whether there’s any outstanding finance and, yes, whether some ghoul has stolen it…

2: Don’t be a zombie

If you don’t think carefully about what sort of used car you want before you buy, you’re bound to end up with the wrong motor. Try to be clear before you begin shopping, so you’re not swayed and end up with a monster of a car every other buyer is scared of…

3: Buy from an RAC Approved Dealer

RAC Approved dealers, both franchised and non franchised, are obliged to prepare every car to the high level demanded by RAC BuySure. To reassure customers, each one is audited to make sure standards are being maintained.

4: Buy from an RAC Partner

RAC Partner dealers, both franchised and non franchised, provide a free three-month RAC Warranty and RAC Breakdown cover on every used car they sell. Great used car reassurance.

5: Don’t be scared!

Buying a used car is not a scary process if you choose the right dealers to shop at. It can be a treat, not a trick, if you work with the right retailers in the first place…

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