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5 Classic Cars Still Rolling off Production Today

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The demise of Volkswagen's much loved Kombi T2 this year, after 63 years in continuous production, was the cause of much sadness in the auto industry. Changing fashions weren't to blame for the Kombi's retirement. Instead, VW deemed it too costly and impractical to re-engineer the Brazilian built vehicle to comply with new safety regulations. However, there are a number of other senior citizens of the auto industry that are still going strong after years and years rolling off production lines.

Morgan 4/4

The first four wheeled Morgan arrived on roads in 1936 and is still available new today, 76 years later. Some half-hearted attempts to move with the times have been made but, in essence, the Morgan 4/4 remains a proud anachronism in the fast moving world of automotive fashions.

Lotus Seven/Caterham Seven

Although the 1957 model, originally known as the Lotus Seven, is no longer available under that name, Caterham has kept the flag flying with its own version of the car. Most of the original's components have been updated but it still feels very much the same - pure, undiluted motoring entertainment in iconic form for 55 years now and with plenty of life still left in it.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

Mercedes is the first to advance new auto trends but its G-Wagon is practically unchanged since its launch in 1979. The boxy design is 33 years old now and less old fashioned than funky retro - and the heavy price tag is certainly up to date...

Land Rover Defender

The axe has finally fallen on that agricultural hero, the Defender, with production due to cease in 2015. Arguably the Defender's genesis was in 1948, when Britain came up with its own answer to the Willys Jeep. In 1983, it became known as the 90 or 110, depending upon its size, then gained the 'Defender' nomenclature in 1991. Its rugged utility, however, hasn't changed since the post-war years, and farmers all over Britain are clinging on to their ancient Landies for dear life - there's simply nothing else quite like it.

Suzuki Swift

Suzuki's unassuming small hatchback has never gained the acclaim of the Ford Fiesta or Renault Clio but with 24 years of production under its belt, it must be doing something right. Launched in 1988, at the height of the GTI era in England, this hot hatch gained quite a fan base. The Swift is still being made in China and Pakistan although, unfortunately, the GTI is no more.

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