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2016 Geneva Motor Show: Pick of the Bunch

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This week's Geneva Motor Show featured the usual array of brand new metal and wacky concepts.

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the biggest and most important events in the motoring calendar. This year saw a number of major debuts. Among the glitz and glamour of the Aston Martin DB11 and the Bugatti Chiron there was also some more prosaic material such as the Skoda VisionS SUV concept, the Volvo V90 estate and the new Renault Scenic.

The best cars at the Geneva Motor Show

Jaguar F-Type SVR

This high performance update of the glorious F-Type drew an awful lot of attention in a show packed with bolder and more expensive entries. It's doubtful that there are many more entertaining experiences, certainly in the world of automotive, than driving a 567bhp Jag at full pelt. Not only does the F-Type contain a supercharged 5.0 litre V8 but it also looks fantastic. One of the show's star cars.

Seat Ateca

Among the bread and butter cars at the show was Seat's first SUV, to be called the Ateca. This profitable segment is already heavily populated but is set to expand fit to bursting over the next few years and any new entries need to be extremely good to gain traction. The attractive Ateca could do a lot for Seat which is struggling somewhat with a lacklustre product line-up.

Vauxhall GT Concept

Many companies have tried and failed to capture the pure driving pleasure of a very simple, back-to-basics sports car. Vauxhall has come up with an interesting combination of the high tech with the basic, using a 1.0 litre turbo engine and a distinctly minimalist cabin. Whether or not the company will be brave enough to put such an interesting car into production has yet to be seen.

Abarth 124 Spider

Anticipation is growing for Fiat's forthcoming 124 Spider, and Abarth has already given the two seater drop-top the racer treatment. It's a very modern car with some well-placed and non-gimmicky retro styling and a muscular rear end. It also promises an exciting drive, especially in the rally format also unveiled at the show, with a beefy body kit and 300bhp power output.

Aston Martin DB11

The DB11 looks all new and yet is faithful in every way to the Aston Martin heritage. So popular was it in Geneva that the Aston Martin website crashed as visitors rushed to find out more. Fitted with a modern twin turbo V12, it's safe to assume that the DB11 boasts as much substance as it does style. What a fantastic way to continue the Aston Martin brand revival for an ambitious future which is said to include another new super luxury SUV.

Volvo V90

A long way from the staid, boxy estates with which the Volvo name was once synonymous, this is a sophisticated and luxurious load lugger with the kind of finish to give premium German brand execs sleepless nights. This shows Volvo taking another great step into premium territory.

DS E-Tense

This concept previews a halo model for the fledgling Citroen offshoot, an athletic looking electric sports car with 400bhp and a 200 mile range. Carbon fibre construction and plenty of modern technology would go a long way to establishing DS as a stand-alone brand, but unfortunately it's not likely to make production.

McLaren 570GT

A smart move by McLaren, which is trying to move away from niche status by offering some more usable and affordable products. The 570GT is a well thought out entry level version of its hardcore racers, adding a bit of practicality and softness without losing the characteristic McLaren driving dynamics.

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