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2015 Honda Civic Type R

By raccars Published

Honda has been hard at work on the 2015 edition of the Civic Type R, updated to reflect more modern driving sensibilities; that means lower emissions and a more restrained, civilised engine that nonetheless provides the requisite shove where needed.

In a bold step away from its previous stance, the new Type R will be fitted with a turbo, resulting in a 40% boost upon the previous model's 198bhp power output. That goes with a direct injection 2.0 litre engine for an expected 276bhp – Honda is cagey on the exact details at this stage. This novel set up should deliver double the amount of torque previously available, which will be much more accessible with a 2,300rpm peak.

The result will be a quicker but far cleaner and more efficient Honda Civic Type R, although once again statistics are unavailable at this point. However, on the other hand, the new Type R's driving characteristics are completely different to those which have gone before. The previous Type was a high revving beast that needed a lead foot to make it come alive. This made for amazing fun in the right hands, with an accompanying soundtrack that would have fitted in on the Le Mans track.

The new Type R will be less outrageous but more purposeful. The exhaust now emits a deeper bellow as you punish the wheels through the lower end of the six speed transmission. It's got enough personality, however, to take up the challenge of a Nurburgring front wheel drive production car lap record, with suitably tuned steering, suspension and brakes. The prototype currently undergoing testing is performing solidly around corners, and the ride is said to be firm on the sporting style.

Whilst the performance may have been civilised, the styling certainly hasn't, with exaggerated front wheel arches, a neat curve along the rear flank topping brutal rear wheel arches. There is also a rather aggressive aerodynamic body kit that will not win universal approval. The car seen testing recently boasted 19 inch wheels and a matt black paint finish. The cabin styling is more diluted than the exterior, but the Type R has been given its own set of seats, door trims and gear knob.

The Type R refurb has been under development for some time and should be more advanced by now but was put on the back burner in favour of pushing the Civic Tourer into production. Hot hatch fans will not agree with this decision. When it does arrive, expect a price tag in the region of £26,000-£27,000.

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