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2014 In Motoring News

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Among the biggest and most important car news this year were the new model releases, particularly the Jaguar XE, Mazda MX-5, Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Volvo XC90. What else happened this year?


Toyota blew away visitors to the Detroit Motor Show with its FT-1 sports car concept, recalling the firm's glory days with the Celica, Supra and 2000GT. Toyota didn't tell us much about its plans for the concept or the technical details, but production status is something devoutly to be wished.


The launch of the third generation Mini was a tricky moment for BMW, but the German firm managed to get it very right again with its latest version of the iconic car.

Citroen also stirred some hearts with its new and very different philosophy on motoring, as displayed by the C4 Cactus. It's fresh, modern, stylish and super lightweight, and is likely to spawn numerous imitators.


Vauxhall raised eyebrows, looking forward by returning to the past with the announcement of a new city car to be badged the Viva, a name not seen since the 1970s. The final production version of the car is expected to be revealed at March 2015's Geneva Motor Show.


Google introduced the world to its much hyped and rather odd looking driverless car prototype. The firm hopes to have 200 units of the electric vehicle on the road by 2016, after the complex laser sensor, radar and camera system which runs the technology has been thoroughly tested on public roads.


It was a big year indeed for the Mini, which in the summer took this year's Car of the Year award.

The Tesla Model III also drew attention in the summer, although not set to be revealed until 2016. The electric saloon is a smaller version of the impressive Tesla Model S and is destined to challenge the BMW 3 Series when it reaches the market in 2017.


The DVLA controversially abolished the paper tax disc after 93 years on 1 October, causing confusion and chaos, as car owners struggled with the agency's overwhelmed online service, while others claimed ignorance of the accompanying change in regulations.


Lewis Hamilton made Britain proud once again by taking his second Formula One world championship in some style.

2015 looks set to be another exciting year in the automotive industry, with yet more exciting new releases and further information to be revealed about those we have been watching this year.

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