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2013 Nissan GT-R Ready to Ruffle Even More Feathers

By raccars Published

For those who are already aware of just how incredible the Nissan GT-R, you’ll be no doubt salivating over the thought of an updated version for 2013. But for those who aren’t sure on what type of car the GT-R is, here’s a short sentence to fill you in: It’s ridiculous, super-quick, relatively cheap, and has the power of the gods. We hope that helps.

So, to the 2013 GT-R; what’s new? Well, you get a bit more power – 548bhp, to be exact – and a bit more stability. Nissan has also improved the handling, which is worrying for the competition considering the original GT-R remains one of the best handling cars ever made. 0-62mph now takes just 2.7 seconds – which is absolutely ridiculous considering its miles cheaper than any Lamborghini or Ferrari.

So, just a few revisions rather than a big update – are you bothered? If it ain’t broke…

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