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12 Of The Most Economical Petrol Cars

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There is a new row raging about the fact that motorists who were for years encouraged to buy supposedly more economical diesel powered cars, are now likely to face an extra tax due to their high levels of noxious emissions. So which petrol cars make the cleanest and most economical alternative?

Ford Fiesta

Britain's best selling car is also one of its most economical, thanks to its super frugal EcoBoost petrol engines. This award winning little number's lively and engaging drive belies its 1.0 litre engine's diminutive status.

Ford Focus

Using the same engine, the Focus offers all the virtues of the Fiesta in a slightly larger package for those who need a little more room.

VW Golf

In the same size class as the Focus, the Golf benefits from a higher quality fit and finish but can't quite match the Ford for handling and performance. The 1.2 litre turbo engine is very willing but economical.

Skoda Octavia

Based upon the VW Golf, the Skoda also shares its stablemate's excellent engine range. However, it is a larger and roomier car if the hatchback class feels a little cramped.

Peugeot 308 SW

Bigger still is this family estate from the French manufacturer, with an impressively frugal selection of turbocharged petrol units. French cars may be better known for their diesel engines but in this case, it's worth investigating a bit further.

Renault Clio

Always popular in the UK, the Clio's 0.9 litre petrol engine makes it one of the most economical cars in its class. It's also a fun drive and well kitted out with safety features.

Renault Captur

A larger alternative to the Clio, the Captur is another class leading effort from Renault. It's a practical and comfortable car with excellent fuel consumption figures in petrol form.

Mazda CX-5

If you can shake off the stereotypical SUV's thirsty image, the Mazda CX-5 could surprise you. The 2.0 litre petrol model offers respectable performance and economy, allowing you to access all the practicalities of an SUV and the economy traditionally reserved for diesel versions.

Mazda 6

The same applies to the petrol powered Mazda 6, in the large family car class. It's spacious, comfortable, great to drive and relatively miserly on fuel, in a class not traditionally known for its economy.

Seat Mii

The cheapest of the badge engineered VW Group city car trio that also includes the VW Up and the Skoda Citigo, the lively little Mii is an ideal runaround for an urban environment, which is where petrol engines perform at their best.

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