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12 New Cars For 2016

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2016 looks to be an exciting year for the automotive industry. With sales of new cars showing no signs of abating, manufacturers have really pushed the boat out, with a diverse range of cars set for release. From slick saloons to hot hatches, motorists should be spoilt for choice. Here we take you through 15 of our favourites for the coming year.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo’s attempt at a brand renaissance is the driving force for the design of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. In its most competent guise, the sporty saloon looks set to challenge a number of rivals, with BMW and their performance-tuned M3 in particular a direct competitor – 503bhp stemming from a 3.0-litre V6 engine promises 62mph in a mere 3.9 seconds. Rear-wheel drive, torque vectoring and a host of other driver-centric technologies should also help to ensure Alfa’s self-claimed return to form.

Audi Q1

Following recent forays into the compact crossover market with the Q3, Q5 and Q7 models, Audi has crafted another miniature SUV based on the A1 hatchback. Offering a premium alternative to models such as the Nissan Juke, the Q1 is expected to retail with a choice of engines from the A1 and possibly the three-cylinder petrol from the Volkswagen Up as an entry-level option.

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley’s newest addition to their range is the decadent Bentayga, a fully-fledged SUV offering the very same levels of luxury as the rest of their range. Fitted with a powerful W12 engine, the Bentayga has similar performance credentials to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, whilst rigorous testing across five continents has blessed it with genuine off-road capabilities.

Pictured: BMW M2


BMW’s M division have been working diligently on the high-spec version of the 2-series hatchback, and the result looks to keep up tradition, with finely-tuned handling and nimble performance. The M2 looks as beautiful as you would expect, but design has been said to be focused primarily around aerodynamics over aesthetics, with significant reductions in lift and drag.

Fiat 124 Spider

Sharing its foundation with the Mazda MX-5, the new iteration of the Fiat 124 should be a nimble little roadster, weighing in at less than 1000kg. With a lengthy bonnet and convertible hood, the 124 bears a resemblance to the BMW Z4, and could offer the same kind of drivability, given the rear-wheel setup. There is also the possibility of a performance-optimised Abarth edition.

Ford Focus RS

The latest edition of Ford’s blistering hot hatch is due to touch down in spring, and has car enthusiasts visibly excited – more than 1500 orders have already been taken. Performance is as expected a priority, with the Focus sharing the new Mustang engine and all-wheel drive for the first time, plus a large selection of optional extras available to buyers.

Pictured: Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar’s first SUV venture takes on the likes of the Porsche Macan with the F-Pace, revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a stunning loop-the-loop display. Director of design Ian Callum has said it takes many of its design cues from the F-Type, whilst ensuring benchmark on-road dynamics (via the Intelligent Drive system) and an interior fit of the highest quality. The V6 S-model in particular is primed for race enthusiasts, with a 375bhp configuration resulting in a 0-62 time of 5.1 seconds.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

The 2016 edition of Mercedes’ executive saloon is set to revitalise the aging model, bringing with it a fresher look more in line with the new C-Class, as well as motorway-based autonomous steering technology. With a diverse selection of engines (including an eventual hybrid option), the E-Class has also been tweaked to offer class-leading aerodynamics and a weight reduction of more than 100kg.

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio

Range Rover’s popular Evoque is set to receive a convertible model early next year, much to the joy of SUV enthusiasts. The shrunken soft-top has received a few alterations in the transition from the standard model, including a slight increase in length and width, strengthening of the A-pillars and underbody bracing in order to keep the car’s rigid frame.

Pictured: Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce’s luxury convertible is based on the Wraith, and promises the same level of decadence and performance with a retractable roof. The car’s suspension is claimed to be the most rigid on the market, with a suspension that gives the Dawn a remarkable agility despite its size. Rigorous engineering also makes sure that refinement is class-leading – allegedly, the cabin is as quiet as the Wraith with the hood up.

Toyota CH-R

The ‘Toyota CH-R’ is very much a working title at this point in time, however, what is clear is that it will take many design cues from the concept car that it shares its name with. Crafted as a challenger to the Nissan Juke, the CH-R will incorporate the same bold shape as the concept, with a sloping roofline that suggests a very sporty configuration. Toyota is also said to be offering the SUV as a hybrid model.

Volvo S90

Volvo’s latest model is set to put the Swedish manufacturer back into the premium estate sector – the new S90 retains much of the styling of the estate concept premiered last year, with a clean, stylish contour and the T-shaped lights that first debuted on the XC90. A renewed emphasis on style is also matched by efficiency and safety, with all new models being powered by Volvo’s four-cylinder Drive-E engines.

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