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£1.2m supercar… Powered by Your Breakfast

By raccars Published

We love new Ferraris here at Netcars.com, but when a new one comes out with the looks of an Enzo only with even more sex appeal, it’s enough to make us salivate more than usual. So this new Ferrari costs £1.2m – which is a lot – and, rather surprisingly, isn’t an actual Ferrari.

It’s called the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX, and it’s not made by Ferrari – despite clearly being a play on words. Interestingly, it’s not even an actual car; what it is… well, there’s no way to make this sound any less ridiculous… it’s a four-wheeled pushbike.

£1.2m for a push-bike which looks like a Ferrari – sounds steep, doesn’t it?

Whether anyone will actually buy the Farfalla FFX remains to be seen, but at that price the owner is optimistic at best!

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