New Audi RS6

New Audi RS6


New Audi RS6

In terms of value, the RS6 Avant is an incredible purchase, with a range of features and capabilities that make it one of the most well-rounded cars in Audi’s range.


The decision to buy an RS6 is a serious investment, but one that brings with it plenty of presence on the road. The upgraded body kit gives the Avant an almost menacing look, with strong lines and a bumper that almost sits on the ground. Huge wheelarches and alloys add to the look, whilst chunky tailpipes lie at the rear. The slick, sweeping LED indicators that have been standard on the more recent Audi models are present here, with a sweeping motion that moves in the direction of turning. The interior is just as well-designed, with a dash built from high-quality materials and detailed with aluminium. The dashboard itself houses a high-resolution multimedia screen and 8-inch display above the steering wheel, which itself is crafted beautifully, having a flat-bottomed shape and three spokes positioned in the middle. The dials and switches look and feel robust, whilst the deep bucket seats look the part with elegant stitching and thick bolsters. Rear seating provides ample space for passengers, and can also house 1680 litres of luggage when folded down.


Audi’s mastery of engineering results in the RS6 having wicked performance, despite the fact that its engine is actually smaller than its predecessor. The new V8 engine gives the RS6 516Ib of torque from 1750 rpm through to 5500 rpm - coupled with a lighter composition and Quattro all-wheel drive, this gives the Avant the ability to go from 0-60mph in just 3.9 seconds, despite a weight of just over two tonnes. This massive acceleration is aided by the smooth, seven-speed double clutch transmission, which makes gear shifting almost instant. The Drive Select system lets you toggle the immediacy of the throttle and steering, providing extra customisation of the handling, although whichever setting you choose, the RS6 has a huge amount of grip, tightly hugging both straights and bends in equal measure. The adaptive air suspension changes dynamically, mirroring Drive Select settings and coasting over road imperfections with ease. The upfront price of the Avant gets you plenty of standard features. Led headlamps, cruise control, Multimedia interface, DAB, sat-nav and heated seats are all available; a keyless option and a reversing camera are also available at a premium.

Safety & Economy

Stability control and six airbags give reassurance whilst driving, and although the RS6 hasn’t been crash tested yet, the A6 was awarded five stars, and so should be similar in terms of safety. Economically, the RS6 is privy to all the usual pitfalls of a high-powered estate car, but has strong residual values, although Cylinder-On-Demand technology provides added efficiency, being able to save up to 12% on fuel by shutting off half of the engine during non-intensive driving. Its added capacity to transfer more people and luggage than many sports cars with similar performance also gives it a significant advantage.


Perfect for Driving Enthusiasts and Families The Avant isn’t cheap, but it is an outstanding car on all levels. The performance to weight ratio it possesses is nothing short of phenomenal, whilst added functionality due to its estate body shape means it is as versatile as it is fast. Buyers with the capital to buy an RS6 can expect a well-balanced vehicle that is hard to beat in terms of value.

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