New Audi Q7

New Audi Q7


New Audi Q7

The Q7 handles extremely well despite its huge size, with control and grip unlike a traditional SUV. It’s a great family vehicle, with an abundance of features built for ease of use and comfort.


Showcasing a design removed from the rest of the Audi SUV range, the Q7 is characterised by a large grill centred in the middle of the nose, with LED lights on either side. The rear presents two wide-set exhaust pipes, whilst the wheel arches and sills are treated with colour-coded bodywork, giving off the impression of a more slender vehicle. As with most Audi interiors, the cabin is wonderfully built, boasting a minimalist but premium design. The dash is host to an 8-inch navigation screen, whilst the standard analogue dials can be replaced with a touchpad and control wheel for ease of use. Of course, the Q7 includes a vast amount of space, able to house up to 5 total occupants at once, and 7 with the inclusion of an upgrade. In the latter, the back two rows of seat can be collapsed to expand the amount of space available in the boot.


Whilst the range of engines available in the UK is quite limited, both options on offer are very powerful. Contrary to any assumptions you may have about a diesel engine, the Q7 has plenty of muscle, rocketing from 0-60mph in 6 and a half seconds, especially impressive considering the car’s two-tonne heft. The combination of a V6 engine, four-wheel drive and a lighter chassis (71% aluminium) has resulted in an SUV with an exceptionally large, but surprisingly agile stature. Front and rear air suspension result in a more connected feeling to the road underneath you, whilst the steering is responsive and faultless at high speeds. The eight-speed tiptronic gearbox is well balanced and works nicely with the engine, acting on inputs fairly briskly. The Q7 comes equipped with a good range of features as standard, including an air mounted suspension, climate & cruise control and electric windows – there are of course plenty of extras that can be tacked on. Some of these options include heated seats, wood/aluminium cabin trim and additional lighting. The S line models provide mostly aesthetic customisations, with further technological upgrades available at a premium.

Safety & Economy

The Q7 comes with various lock systems, whilst electronic stability and the much-lauded four wheel drive makes driving reassuring. Twin front and side airbags are included, whilst curtain side airbags improve collision protection. The Q7 is somewhat capable of holding its value, or at least better than a large SUV might suggest, simply because of the Audi name brand. Although there are a plentiful amount of extra options to choose from, it’s worth remembering that some of these can be detrimental to the depreciation of the car.


Perfect for Families The Audi Q7 is not only quick but nimble, which is very surprising given the sheer size of it. A comfortable interior loaded with useful features, well-designed, simple controls and effortless performance makes this a great car for regular family travel, or trips with a larger party. The plight of such a large car means the Audi brand can only retain so much value, but quality of this SUV means it can do well considering the circumstances.

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