New Audi Q3

New Audi Q3


New Audi Q3

Part of Audi’s limited SUV range, the Q3 is a compact, sporty car that prides itself on offering the experience of a 4x4 without charging a huge asking price. The range of extras and good economic value make the Q3 a strong contender against many other SUVs when it comes down to resale.


The Q3 has been crafted to resemble the latest round of designs in the Audi range, and so preserves the sleek but reserved look Audi is known for. Having said that, the Q3 is a lot more shapely than your average SUV, with quietly arresting features that offer a refreshing change from the more boxy vehicles of this class. Another notable difference is the angular grille at the nose, also bearing a silver trim that is similar to the Q7. As always, a range of extras can be added to give the Q3 a more interesting look, including xenon lights and chunkier wheels. The interior is also similar to most other Audis, with a well-designed cabin that capitalises on Audi’s talent for impeccable fit and quality materials. The layout of the dash makes it easy to use the various features included.


A small range of engines power the Q3, consisting of four petrol units and two diesel. Whilst all of these perform well, the smallest models (1.4 litres) are the smoothest on both sides, with the unleaded being more efficient, and the diesel having strong, smooth performance. Regardless of the engine, the Q3’s suspension works well, helping it to corner effectively, whilst the car grips the road nicely. The combination of compact size and great body control make the Q3 feel more agile than most SUVs do, plus the Driver select system allows for fine tuning of the steering and throttle response for even more tailored handling. Audi have never been known to slack on features, and the Q3 is the same, having a variety of utilities as part of the standard spec. These include dual-zone climate control, DAB radio, Bluetooth and plenty more. Higher trim level include upgraded upholstery, cruise and sat-nav.

Safety & Economy

Audi are equally as generous with their safety equipment, with six airbags, stability control and options such as active lane assist and blind spot monitoring. Good residual values make it reliable for resale, whilst moderate running costs help to offset the Q3’s initial upfront price. The 182bhp 2.0 TDI diesel unit in particular is worth noting for its blend of efficiency and power – reaching just over 50mpg but having a 0-62 time of 7.9 seconds.


Perfect for Couples and Small Families The Q3 is compact, well-rounded vehicle suited to someone looking for an SUV that is not only a bit cheaper than the average SUV, but also a little more sporty, in both feel and performance.

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