New Audi A6

New Audi A6


New Audi A6

A more than comfortable saloon, the Audi A6 performs well, but is especially impressive in its money saving capabilities, with an economic value very beneficial to businesses. The comfortable interior also makes journeys a pleasure.


The A6, as with most Audis of this class, benefits from a sleek but refined design, sharing some of its design traits with other models in the range such as the A8 or the A4. Sharp lines and a subtle attention to detail form the basis of the exterior, whilst the cabin is Audi through and through. Luxurious materials and great build quality make the A6 feel pricier than it is.


Built primarily from aluminium, the A6 is light and nimble, possessing a good balance of comfort and control, with responsive steering that makes taking corners simple. Thanks to the great body control, turning is effortless. The suspension is also fairly buoyant, allowing the A6 to take small road perfections in its stride; S-Line models get access to the even softer dynamic setup for no extra charge (and adaptive air suspension for a premium). All but one of the A6’s engines are diesel, although this has no bearing on performance. Even the eco-friendly Ultra spec models are strong, with the smallest (2.0 litre) having a time of 0-62 in just over eight seconds. As you go up the range, the engines only get better. The 3.0 litre options offer rapid acceleration and speed, accompanied by smooth gear changes and a minimal, refined sound. Most of the A6’s cabin can be customised, although the standard feature-list on deck is generous (stop-start, cruise control, climate control, satellite navigation and Bose audio amongst others). Additional extras like wooden inserts and high quality leather is also available, whilst high-end options for the S6 models include making the suspension lower and adding larger wheels and LED lights. The technology pack is a buyer favourite, kitting out the A6 with a larger TFT display and online functionality.

Safety & Economy

Although the A6 range includes the TFSI petrol hybrid, the Ultra spec engines still dominate in terms of efficiency - the 187bhp model is effectively free to tax in the first year of ownership, with just 109g/km of emissions. These engines can also be optimised for further efficiency with the use of the S-tronic automatic gearbox. Great performance is matched with an economic value that should provide businesses and businessmen alike with plenty of savings. As with most Audis, resale values are high, especially with surplus kit.


Perfect for Professionals, Executives and Fleets The A6 has all the hallmarks of an executive-level saloon. No concessions are made in terms of comfort, with a ride quality and cabin build that is both relaxing and functional. The standard features included are more than enough, but the optional extras are also a welcome bonus.

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