New Audi A4

New Audi A4


New Audi A4

The A4 has been a staple in Audi’s roster for over a two decades, and still remains of their most reliable and efficient cars. A redesigned look helps the A4 to compete with newer rivals, whilst a range of powerful, economical engines ensures ample savings. A luxurious interior also makes it great for families.


Audi tend to stay on the safer side of things when it comes to design, and whilst this is mostly true for the A4, a touch of added flair make this the most enticing version of the A4 so far. Higher specifications include an LED strip that run through the headlights, as well as sweeping lines down the sides similar to the A5, plus larger alloys and a sportier bodykit. Even without these exclusive changes, the A4’s design is as attractive as ever and only seems to improve, with smart detailing and the famous Audi insignia helping it to draw attention. The consistency also seems to work well, their no frills approach helping to keep strong depreciation.


The engine of choice for most A4 users are the diesel units, all of which are efficient and strong performers. They are mostly 2.0-litre engines; of these, horsepower ranges from 134 to 175. Whether combined with two or four-wheel drive, the response is exceptionally smooth, and also produce some impressive speed (0-60 in 8.3 seconds). The suspension of the A4 is a fun ride, with a great amount of grip, especially when cornering. Its stiffness helps to lessen body lean, whilst the steering is responsive and precise. The manual gearbox is also a treat, transitioning smoothly with little effort. For added control, the seven-speed tronic shifts even more smoothly. In typical Audi fashion, all models across the range get a great amount of features as standard. DAB radio, Bluetooth, 10-speaker stereo, cruise control, rear parking sensors and climate control are all included. Upgrading to the S-line specification will also get you leather trim for the sports seats, as well as aluminium effect inlays.

Safety & Economy

The 2.0 litre TDI ultra is designed to seriously shave down on emissions, whilst the range of petrol engines are also a viable option if unleaded is a must – the turbocharged 1.8-litre is more powerful than the basic diesel engine, but fuel economy is not as efficient. This is offset somewhat by the fact that it is also cheaper than the entry-level diesel.


Perfect for Families and Fleets The longevity of the A4 is proof of its almost classic standing as an efficient and desirable car. Its redesigned look helps it to fit in with more modern competitors, whilst its relative age allows it to undercut rivals and still hold decent resale values. Audi’s commitment to powerful, economical engines mean fuel and emission costs are kept low in most cases, plus the level of comfort and features included make it perfect for families or executive travel.

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