New Audi A3

New Audi A3


New Audi A3

The A3 is perfect for those looking for a premium hatchback. Design is strong across the board, with a conservative exterior and ergonomic cabin made from high-quality materials. The A3 also boasts fantastic NCAP safety scores, making this a superb family vehicle.


Being a premium brand, Audi has always had a focus on luxury and build quality, a design choice which is present across their whole range, even successfully translating to the miniature Audi A1. As expected, the A3 is no different, with an executive-brand interior consisting of beautifully-fitted materials and a straightforward, effective dashboard layout. The exterior is pleasing too, baring the trademark grille and headlights native to most Audis, giving it a reserved but stylish appearance.


In a change from the previous model, the new A3 boasts a more forgiving suspension, striking a good balance between a comforting ride and responsive handling, and can also be tweaked via the Sport and S Line specifications. This gives the suspension a harder set-up for those wanting a sportier feel at no extra cost. The new build of the A3 also benefits from lighter parts, giving it an agility on the road that makes for a more dynamic driving experience. As a result, the A3 hugs the road nicely without compromising on ride quality. Audi has also stuffed the A3 with an interesting array of technologies. All three trim levels include electric windows, air conditioning, DAB radio, as well as a colour display.

Safety & Economy

Safety measures include an intuitive cruise control that detects the distance between the A3 and the car in front, using acceleration and brakes automatically; lane assistance and a pre-cognitive crash sensor also help to keep passengers safe. Audi also makes great use of their Cylinder On Demand technology, which shuts down cylinders not in use for increased fuel savings. The 148bhp 1.4 petrol offers a good middle ground between performance and fuel economy, whilst the 1.8 litre possesses a notable upgrade in speed. The diesel engines pull their weight too, with the 1.6 litre option having ample muscle despite its potential for low emissions.


Perfect for Small Families Similar to the A1, the Audi A3 is a strong contender within the hatchback market, catering in particular to those who want a higher standard of car but aren’t reluctant to spend a little extra. Families would be quite a fitting match too - the A3’s safety standards are also very high, scoring the maximum of five stars in Euro NCAP's crash tests. The main trade-off for this level of quality and safety is the price, although Audi’s ongoing development of engine technologies significantly lower running costs even in models with high performance.

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