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Get more for your car with History Check

A car valuation is invaluable when planning to sell your car. Working out how much your car is actually worth can make a huge difference when you list your vehicle, and will determine how popular your ad is online. Valuations are also useful if you’re buying – they are a great way to work out whether you are considering buying a car that is overpriced, or too good to be true.

However, although a valuation will give you a rough estimate, the price also depends on the history and condition of your car. It’s good practice to keep hold of all documentation for your car, but there can be a lot to keep an eye on. You might have lost proof of your MOT records, or when your car was last checked into the garage, for example. In these cases, making use of our History Check can help you add value to your sale price by filling in some of the gaps, as well as offering plenty of other features.

History Check for sellers and buyers

The History Check provides a lot of useful information about a car as well as providing a method of containing all of your vehicle’s service history and MOTs. It also provides a car review from What Car? and more information about the running costs of the car. If you haven’t already had a valuation, the Car Passport will include this as well, putting everything in one handy package. It comes in two formats – one for buyers and one for sellers. Whilst each is similar, they are both tailored to helping motorists make wise decisions in regards to trading vehicles.

    • The Seller’s report is specialised to help you sell your car, and helps you to prepare important information that you can use to highlight your car’s worth. You can choose to add a log of your MOT and all servicing it has received.

- MOTs are legally required. Different to servicing, they make sure your car is fit for the road and won’t be the cause of any accidents. Servicing is used to keep your car in good shape. Because they are optional, proof of regular servicing shows good maintenance on your part.

This is especially good for proving it has not been subjected to ‘clocking’ or other illegal practices.

- ‘Clocking’ is the manipulation of the car’s odometer in order to make mileage seem less than it is.

All of the above can be printed off as one handy document to give to buyers - we will also help you out with selling your car by providing a template for creating an ad, as well as a to-do checklist.

    • The buyer’s report is invaluable if you’re looking to find your next car. Whether genuine or not, some car sellers won’t have any proof that their car is roadworthy or in good condition, and you may find a car has been stolen or written off down.

The buyer’s report can help you gain piece of mind, with plenty of data including history, mileage and outstanding finance, plus insurance as a backup.

Why not try it out? The History Check is great value, and could potentially save you money and hassle, or help you to make a more when you sell your car.