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RAC Car Valuation explained

When aiming to sell your car, working out how much it is worth is one of the most important things you can do. Having a car valuation is the best and easiest way to do this - it will give you a quick price estimate and may even influence or change your decision on what car you purchase next. Valuations are handy for buying too, as they let you find out the average price a particular car sells for, and whether you are being offered a fair deal or not.

The RAC Cars valuation service is carried out by CDL. The price you will get for your car depends on a wide variety of factors. While some of these will affect your car more than others, all of them play a part in how much you stand to receive when you trade it in.

RAC Car Valuation

Having your car valued with RAC is a great way to help you budget for buying a new car – if you already have one in mind, a valuation will give you a good idea of how costly it will be to go ahead with the purchase.

- To start your RAC car valuation, head over to our Value My Car page and enter your vehicle registration into the yellow box at the top. If you know them, you can also enter your mileage in the box below, as well the months your insurance and breakdown cover are to be renewed.

- Pressing the ‘Value My Car’ button will take you to the next page. Here you should find the name and year of your car, as well as a couple of boxes underneath where you can enter your email address and postcode. This sets you up with a free account and lets us send your results to you (you also get to see them on the next screen, too).

- The next page should display the results of your valuation. This will be a rough estimate between two figures.

Using these figures, you can get a good idea of what your car is worth. The results may surprise you!

Sell your car with RAC

Selling your car with the RAC couldn’t be simpler – and if you’ve had a car valuation, or are about to have one, you’re already one step in the right direction. Knowing the value of your car means you have a sale price with which you can set up a car ad on the RAC site.

With such a large audience that you can sell your car to on RAC Cars, making sure your ad is up to scratch is a priority. Taking good pictures of your car is important, and having a wide variety of photos from different angles showcasing the features of your car will really boost your sale. Before you take pictures, however, give your car a good wash (both the inside and out). The actual information included in your ad should be simple and to the point. Let your buyer know all of the relevant features, but don’t exaggerate or use flamboyant language. Want to know more? Visit our Sell My Car page to set up your ad listing for free.