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Used Skoda Citigo

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The city car market has gradually been developing, although until the arrival of the Citigo, Skoda was without its own dinky motor designed to cater to the needs of drivers who have to deal with the traffic-clogged roads of modern metropolises.
The Citigo made its maiden appearance in early 2012 and it shares the same platform as the Volkswagen Up! and the Seat Mii. That means Skoda's badge is stuck onto an established design, which results in this particular variant being a bit more affordable than its otherwise identical rivals.
Affordability is an important part of the Citigo's appeal and its name leaves no room for confusion about its intentions. But should you give the Citigo the time of day?
Bang for your buck
The Skoda Citigo for sale comes with a 1.0 litre petrol engine as standard and this unsurprisingly needs to be thrashed quite a bit if you want to get it up to speed.
Of course for urban cruising it's more than nippy enough to satisfy and there are plenty of other reasons to get serious about this car aside from its performance.
Exterior styling is carefully compiled if not entirely awe-inspiring, but of course it is the technical aspects of the Citigo which are likely to get pulses racing.
It measures three and a half metres long, with the wheelbase occupying a length just a metre below this, which means that there is tons of room on the inside that can even top alternatives like the Fiat 500.
You'll be able to pack four adults into the Citigo without the passengers in the rear feeling cramped, which is quite an achievement. The doors even open wide to allow easy access and the boot has a 251 litre capacity which is similarly impressive.
The trim is well chosen and stylish without feeling like practicality has been compromised, although it is worth bearing in mind that two seat belts at the rear limit this to a four person capacity. Those with three little ones to ferry around might find this disappointing.
What you'll pay
The new pricing of the Skoda Citigo in the UK starts at around £8000 and goes up to roughly £11,000, so if you are buying used you can use this as a basis to judge the appropriateness of a particular second hand asking price.
Nearly new examples will kick off at £6000 and you can expect the used market for this model to develop exponentially as it becomes a more mature product.
What to check
Every Citigo for sale should still be well within the remit of the manufacturer's warranty so make sure that everything is shipshape in the paperwork department.
With recently released cars you should be able to insist on virtual perfection in used models and use this as a measure of the quality of any example you encounter. The fact that this platform is also being used by VW and Seat should give you confidence in its reliability and there is not too much that can go wrong with small engine-toting city cars like the Citigo away.
Parts for the Citigo should be affordable and widely available, although hopefully you will not have to worry about paying for major replacements until the warranty has run its course.
How it drives
In terms of economy the Skoda Citigo is one of the best cars to buy, particularly if you are living in the heart of a city or regularly need to travel into one.
Pick Skoda's efficiency package and you'll get the useful start-stop engine tech that helps cut fuel consumption when you're stuck in congestion, as well as allowing you to gain exemption from London's congestion charge and slash the cost of road tax.
The handling and comfort are decent, although with such small engine sizes you will obviously find that acceleration and torque are not exactly impressive.
The convenience of being able to fit four fully grown people into a car that is only 3.5 metres long will be one of the biggest selling points for some buyers of the Citigo. For others it will be the prospect of owning what is essentially a VW Up! but without the added expense of the badge.

269 Used Skoda Citigo for sale

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269 Used Skoda Citigo for sale
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