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Used Land Rover Freelander 2

Below are a sample of used Land Rover Freelander 2 cars for sale, please use the search filter to refine your results and find the car of your dreams.


The original Freelander was a good looking car but its reliability was awful. In 2006, Land Rover released the Freelander 2, a vastly improved vehicle built with Ford backing. The new Freelander range was diesel-based and far better when off road than its predecessor had been. Reliability was also improved beyond measure. In 2008 the sporty road-oriented HST model was added to the range.
2008 also saw the launch of the 2nd generation range of the Freelander 2 for sale. Gone were the expensive and thirsty 3.2 litre petrol cars, in fact the entire range was now diesel-engined. The TD4_e reduced CO2 emissions to 179g/km from 194 and was the first SUV to feature the Stop/Start system which cuts the engine should the car become stationary. By 2009, all manual models were supplied with Stop/Start. The range received a major facelift towards the end of 2010 and the last new Freelander 2 was sold in 2011.
Bang for your buck
The used Land Rover Freelander 2 (2006-2008) is a much better looking car than the original Freelander and is instantly recognisable as a Land Rover whilst still retaining its own personality. It is also longer, wider and taller than its predecessor and sitting in the back is now a much more pleasurable experience. It weighs fully 250kg more than the first Freelander but that's the price you pay for a more refined and much safer car.
The post 2008 cars were even better although the interior is a curious mix of some high quality materials and some surprisingly cheap-looking plastics.
Trim levels are the top-of-the-range HSE, then XS, the GS and the lowest spec S trim. The S model doesn't have the brilliant Terrain Response System which is a real loss.
In general, the used Freelander 2 for sale feels a more sophisticated and classier car than its rivals such as the Honda CR-V, the Toyota RAV4 and the Nissan X-Trail. It is genuinely impressive off road and more fuel efficient than its predecessor, especially the manual TD4_e.
What you'll pay
Approved used Land Rover Freelander 2 cars for sale keep their value very well and you will need around £13,000 to bag an 06-plated 2.2 S version. The better-equipped GS models start at about £14,500 and an automatic transmission will add another £1000 to the price.
Post 2008 models start at around £14,375 for an 08-plated S model with manual gearbox. £16,000 should be enough for a low-mileage GS version from the same year.
What to check
The Freelander 2 is hugely more reliable than the first version and has no recurring issues. If a tow bar has been fitted then the car may have been worked very hard and odd patterns of wear on the tyres are another indicator that there has been some real lugging done. There are limits to the car's ground clearance so do check the undercarriage for damage to the exhaust, front valance and suspension. Also check the state of the boot as it may have been used to ferry all sorts of objects over the years.
Note that the Stop/Start system is designed not to operate at temperatures lower than three degrees C so if it doesn't seem to kick in and it's a cold day – this may be why.
Parts for used Freelanders tend to be pretty affordable for example, mirror glass is around £20, a drive belt £15 and an oil filter £7. These prices exclude VAT.
How it drives
If you're looking for a compact SUV that will perform well off road whilst still offering a civilised performance on the road, then you need look no further. You only need consider the Freelander 2 from Land Rover. Some of its rivals may handle slightly better on the road but the Freelander 2 is a properly versatile car that is hard to top. Although plenty of Freelander 2s come to market, they do retain their value well so bargains are difficult to find. However with its performance and reliability, the Freelander 2 has always represented good value for money. The best buys are probably low-mileage manual transmission GS models with a full service history but you can't really go too far wrong with the newer, far superior Freelander. The lack of Terrain Response system with the S trim is a shame and you may want to avoid such models.

46 Used Land Rover Freelander 2 for sale

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46 Used Land Rover Freelander 2 for sale
(Page 1 of 3)
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